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The BCBR Gravel Race is about the spirit of adventure, a gravel grind with grit! In designing this route and picking this location the team at BCBR has set it’s sights on keeping all of the senses tingling with excitement at the chance to explore every nook and cranny available. Each course will be charted to be it’s own unique adventure, something outside of the ordinary!


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The Experience

We will be exploring the beautiful Okanagan Region. The BCBR Gravel Race will start and finish in the beautiful Naramata Bench located in the South Okanagan Valley which stretches 25km along the eastern side of Okanagan Lake.

Everybody is going to find some discomfort and find someplace to push themselves, absolutely really fantastic, variety is good – bring it on”!!  “So incredible to be back in our local, national cycling community again. Everybody is here for their own reasons, yet we get together as a big group, doing it together as a big group, this is long overdue.

Tristen Chernove, Paralympian
– 13 Rainbow jerseys and 4 Olympic Medals

You see this smile, you see this (motions to his face), another great day!!

Charles Creighton
– new guy to racing – loving it!

Everywhere A Gravel Bike Can Go

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Course Info

The multi-day stage format will allows us to dig in and explore this amazing region, and all it has to offer. The fall colours will be arriving as the grapes meet their makers in the pristine Okanagan. Join us to welcome the local wine harvest as we zig zag through the countryside hunting for challenges. Open your eyes, ears, throbbing legs and pounding heart rate to the gravel experience of a lifetime.


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