A Gravel Bicycle Adventure

The Gravel Explorer is about the spirit of adventure, a gravel grind with grit! In designing this route and picking this location the team at BCBR has set its sights on a ‘Rip Snorting Good Time’ on a bike. We aim to keep all of your senses tingling with excitement at the chance to explore every nook and cranny available in this unique and special location. Each course will be charted to be its own heroic story, something outside of the ordinary!

Join us September 24th – 29th, 2022

Multi-day Stage Format

It is once again through the multi-day stage format that we will thoroughly explore this region and all it has to offer in the beautiful fall colours that also welcome the local wine harvest.

Are you ready for the Challenge?

Expect to be challenged. We’re not aiming to be the normal routine of high mileage and mega distances. We’ve set our sites on a brash and bold mix of everything a gravel bike is capable of, hopefully you and your trusty steed are ready to Explore and your Spirit of Adventure is up for the challenge. 

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I love that the team at BC Bike Race is expanding to include gravel riding. Having participated in BC Bike Race twice now and planning on coming back for a third time, I can attest to what an amazing experience it is and I have no doubt that the gravel ride won’t disappoint either.

~ Julie/ Squamish, BC
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World Class On Course Animations.