Course Info

2022 Race Route

The multi-day stage format will allows us to dig in and explore this amazing region, and all it has to offer. The fall colours will be arriving as the grapes meet their makers in the pristine Okanagan. Join us to welcome the local wine harvest as we zig zag through the countryside hunting for challenges. Open your eyes, ears, throbbing legs and pounding heart rate to the gravel experience of a lifetime.

Expect to be challenged. We’re not aiming to be the normal soul crushing mega distances. We’ve set our sites on a brash and bold mix of everything a gravel bike is capable of, hopefully you and your trusty steed are ready to Explore and your Spirit of Adventure is up to the challenge.

While the pro’s may be out for 3 hours (on longer days) – the majority of racers will be 4 hours (on longer days).  Each day is designed so there is room to rest, push hard, catch your breath and if you have done all that right, push hard to the finish line on day five. 

We at BCBR are excited about our routes and all the adventures we plan for our riders. Going forward under the context of accessing permits, conversations with land owners and coordination with others who seek to enjoy the trails and roads, we will begin to keep only limited course details available online. Information provided will be enough to plan your training and allow you to be properly prepared in terms of both on and off bike experience at BCBR events.

BCBR is a curated experience, and the race day course reveal will deliver an incredible experience on each stage of racing.

Stage Races that are not fully detailed ahead of race day exist to provide a level playing field for all participants. We believe this element will allow for the greatest race experience for all, and will allow us to be as fluid as possible while planning the great adventures we’ve become known for.

Steady, smart riding over the entire week will yield the best results.
If you want to access pre-race info in greater depth than we will provide, you can get out in person or virtually to see the trail networks using Trailforks to get the vibe, taste and feel. Take in all the favourites from each area we are racing this fall and see how the zones generally differ from one another, and how they flow. We are known around the world for our awesome course marking and will provide GPS course information closer to the event.

Count on us to use the best trails and routes available!