By 15 November 2021BCBR Gravel Explorer
Cory Wallace - BCBR Gravel Explorer

BCBR Doubleheader

The BC Bike Race has grown into one of the go to stage races in the World.  This year we lucked out and had two of them to race within 2 weeks!  First up was the the Inaugural 5 day BCBR Gravel Explorer kicking off in late September in the Okanagan, then after 1 day rest, the traditional BCBR Mountain bike race from October 2-8! This would be 11 days of racing in 12, definitely making up for lost time after the 1.5 year Covid 19 pause.

The BCBR Gravel was the one to focus on as it came first, so I’d have fresh legs, and also due to the fact I’ve been riding/racing almost exclusively on my Kona Libre Gravel bike this season. The stages were also a bit longer, as BCBR MTB looked quite short this year at 40 minute to 1.5 hour stages, a bit of a sprint for a marathon/24hr racer!

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